Meet the New Seminole Board of County Commissioners

The new Seminole County Board of County Commissioners will be comprised of 3 men and two women.

Congratulations to Jay Zembower and Amy Lockhart as new commissioners.

Below are the board member to give you a glimpse of what we know about each person.

Being our neighbor to the north makes Seminole County a  partner to the traffic issues faced in East Orange County.  District 1 runs the entire length of District 5 in Orange County making Commissioner Dallari responsible for the traffic moving in and out of East Orange County.  The roads that concern us in East Orange County are county road 419, State Road 434 (Alafaya Trail), Lockwood Boulevard and McCulloch Road.  These three roads would be included in the regional traffic study if one is ever initiated in Orange County.  Seminole County has already conducted a traffic study of this area and is waiting for Orange County.

Commissioner Bonilla needs to begin talks with Seminole County to come up with a plan to address the traffic concerns on these roads and especially McCulloch Road.

Seminole County District Map

Seminole County District Map

Your new Seminole County Board of County Commissioners:

District 1:  Bob Dallari

Bob Dallari

Bob Dallari

The information below came from

Bob Dallari currently serves on the Seminole County Commission.  Additionally, he is the 2018 Secretary/Treasurer for the MetroPlan Orlando Board representing Seminole County.

Commissioner Dallari represents Central Florida as the 2018 Past President of the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) and also serves on the Congress of Regional Leaders. Locally, Commissioner Dallari serves as the Board Secretary of the Central Florida Commuter Rail Commission/SunRail.

Commissioner Dallari is also on local boards for Habitat for Humanity, Kids House of Seminole County, Seminole County Industrial Development Authority, and Seminole County Arts Council. He’s also a member of the Oviedo Citizens in Action.

An employee of Walt Disney World, Commissioner Dallari lives in Oviedo where he served on the Oviedo City Council prior to his election to the Seminole County Board of Commissioners. Among the causes he strongly supports are: transportation; greenways & trails; sustainable growth, preservation of natural lands and wilderness areas; water conservation and safety.  He is a graduate of the Rochester, N.Y., Institute of Technology (RIT).

On a personal side, Commissioner Dallari enjoys all things outdoors such as hiking and fly-fishing.  He also enjoys photography and capturing outdoor natural landscapes.

District 2:  Jay Zembower

Jay Zembower

Jay Zembower

The information below came from

Jay Zembower is a Native Floridian and a 40-year resident of Seminole county. He has owned and operated Zembower Auto Center for more than four decades and has served as a consultant for local, state and federal law enforcement, as well as law firms, fortune 500 corporations, insurance companies and major automobile manufacturers.

Although Jay has never held public office, he has served on several local boards and committees, including the Seminole County Planning and Zoning Commission, Affordable Housing Board, Seminole County Parks and Recreation Board, Lake Pickett MSBU Board, Seminole County Public School Review Board and the City of Altamonte Springs Incident Review Board. In 2004, Jay, alongside other community leaders, successfully led our community in a referendum to stop overdevelopment of our rural lands.

Jay Zembower has a clear vision to bring Seminole County into the future.

  • Strong support for local law enforcement and first responders to keep our families safe.
    Jay has a long history of working alongside local, state and federal law enforcement. As County Commissioner, Jay will make sure our police and emergency services have the resources, training and expertise they need to protect our community.
  • Conservative fiscal leadership to keep our taxes the lowest in the region.
    The County Commission has a responsibility to use every tax dollar responsibly. If elected, Jay will fight so taxes in Seminole County stay low and are used only for quality county services.
  • Promote new high-quality jobs and limit local regulations on small business.
    Jay is a small business owner and employer in Seminole County. He will bring his business expertise to the County Commission to promote job creation and remove burdensome regulations on local businesses.
  • Encourage properly managed growth to ensure quality of life for our citizens.
    In 2004, Jay helped successfully lead a community coalition to protect our rural lands from overdevelopment. While development is necessary, the future of our community relies on the responsible growth of our commercial and residential properties.
  • Vigilantly preserve, protect and restore our natural resources and rural areas.
    Seminole County has a unique ecosystem that needs our protection. Jay will fight for our environment, wildlife and rich natural resources, so they are preserved for future generations.

District 3:  Lee Constantine

Lee Constantine

Lee Constantine

The information below came from

Commissioner Constantine is serving his fourth term as Chairman of the Wekiva River Basin Commission, honoring his commitment to protect the Wekiva River while building the beltway around Central Florida. He is also currently the Vice-Chairman of the Florida Conservation Coalition (FCC) and on the Executive Board of 1,000 Friends of Florida. Lee Constantine is also the Chairman of the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council and the President of the Florida Regional Planning Councils.

Commissioner Lee Constantine’s passion for community service is best displayed as Founder and Chairman of Charity Challenge, Inc., established in 1987. Since its inception,

Charity Challenge has evolved from a small backyard event into the largest independent charity in Central Florida, raising over $6 million for hundreds of Florida charities.  Professionally, Lee also serves as a business consultant on a wide range of issues for high level corporations and government agencies.

District 4:  Amy Lockhart

Amy Lockhart

Amy Lockhart

The information below came from

Amy Lockhart is a wife, mom, community leader, and lifelong conservative.

Currently the chairman of the Seminole County School Board, Amy is a strong proponent of choice and excellence in public education.

As chairman of the School Board, Amy has successfully fought to reduce standardized testing in schools and restore more local control. Dubbed a “Recess Hero” by advocates around the state, Amy led the cause of “free play” recess periods for all elementary school students in Seminole County. She is also passionate about ensuring students have a balanced educational experience that includes real-world internships, technical education, and workforce programs that will ensure students graduate ready to enter college or the workforce.

Appointed by Governor Rick Scott to the Seminole State College District Board of Trustees in March of 2014, Amy provides a valuable relational link for the two top-rated educational entities in Seminole County. She promotes improved efficiencies for both organizations by sharing relevant best practices.

Now running for Seminole County Commission, Amy will continue to fight for our citizens. Amy’s number one priority will be public safety, which includes a commitment to ensure Seminole County never becomes a sanctuary county! Amy is committed to keeping taxes low, maintaining excellence in our schools, and ensuring Seminole remains the best place in Florida to start a business, work, and raise a family.

With a broad base of experiences, Amy has a background in marketing and sales and operated her own consulting business prior to working for the citizens of Seminole County as a member of the Board of County Commissioners’ staff. Her work with local government, knowledge of the public sector’s budget process, and solid working relationships with many different community groups, has equipped her with a unique perspective and passion for serving our community.

A native Floridian, Amy has called Central Florida home since 1996.  She and her husband, Tim, have been married for 24 years and live in Sanford with their 2 awesome kids: Karis (Seminole High School c/o ‘14 & University of Central Florida c/o ’18) and Jake (Lake Mary High School c/o ’19), both of whom attended Idyllwilde Elementary and Sanford Middle Schools. In her “spare time”, Amy enjoys tending her kitchen garden, cooking, and researching genealogy. The Lockhart family attends St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.

District 5:  Brenda Carey

Brenda Carey

Brenda Carey

The information below came from

Born in Jacksonville, Brenda’s parents moved the family to Sanford in 1957 to care for her aging grandfather.  For more than fifty years she has lived in Seminole County, most of that within District 5, which she currently represents.  Raised in the heart of Sanford and educated in public schools, one of her first summer jobs was at the Colonial Room in downtown Sanford. Brenda and her husband Fairley Carey have five grown children and four grandchildren.  Their grandson Dermot is the fifth generation of Brenda’s family to live in Seminole County.

Brenda Carey was elected chairman of the board at the swearing in ceremony.

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Traffic Frustration

Public comment in Seminole by resident about infrastructure

I was watching the Seminole County Board of County Commissioner meeting on 10/23/2018 and heard this man speak about infrastructure.

This is an all too familiar story but we need to be reminded.  Commissioner Bonilla has been in office for two years and I never hear her talk about traffic.  She ran on a platform focused on the protection of the rural area.  Traffic just doesn’t seem to be a priority or even on her radar screen even though it ranks as one of the highest problems in our area.

Every day there are more cars on the roads sitting in one spot spewing carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and unburned hydrocarbons pollutants into the air.  A car sitting idle for 15 minutes a day will burn a gallon of fuel a week.   How much fuel is burned at zero miles per gallon on Hwy 50, Alafaya Trail, University Blvd and McCulloch Road?  Our car-centric society ignores the damage while the development machine keeps churning.  Land is cleared like the corner of Hwy 50 and Lake Pickett making ready for more apartments to house hundreds.  That stretch of road is already over capacity and is the worst traffic nightmare in the area yet mobs of people will soon move in and spill out onto Hwy 50 in more and more cars.

What does protection of the rural area really means?  Is it just protecting a way of life?  Where does real protection of the environment rank and what’s the plan to curb this traffic and slow development?

Listen to this man speak and hear where we are heading if we continue down this road (pun intended).

If this sounds rough, I hope it is taken that way.  One car idling for 15 minutes uses a quarter gallon of gas so in one week, one car wastes over a gallon of gas at zero miles per gallon.

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Board of County Commissioner

Meet the New Orange County Board of County Commissioners

The new Orange County Board of County Commissioners will be comprised of 6 women and one man.  It is also the most diverse with three Hispanic women, two white women and two African-Americans, including the mayor.

Congratulations to Jerry Demings as the new mayor and Christine Moore, Mayra Uribe and Maribel Gómez Cordero as new commissioners.

Below are the board member to give you a glimpse of what we know about each person.

It will be interesting to see how committed to infrastructure improvements this new board will be and if anything will be done to close the 1.6 billion dollars needed for these improvements.  We have seen little attention on improvements in the East Orange County area as focus has been on other areas such as the protection of the rural area east of the Econ.

Some questions come to mind:

  • Mayor Jacobs resisted a tax for infrastructure improvements; will Mayor Demings follow the same policy or will he pursue the tax as it seems that is really the only way out of our infrastructure dilemma?
  • Will the new board reactivate the regional traffic study that was put on hold because of the lawsuit over the Lake Pickett properties?
  • Will multi-modal transportation come to the forefront or will our community continue to be car-centric?
  • Will improvements be made for bicycles especially on Alafaya, McCulloch and University Boulevard?
  • What can be done to reduce the number of cars on McCulloch Road given it is now at 23,000 cars per day?
  • What about the Richard Crotty Parkway that would extend Research Parkway out to North Tanner?
  • What will be done to relieve ever-growing traffic on Highway 50?
  • Will this board embrace the 408 extension which will relieve traffic on Highway 50?
  • What about Seminole County and working with them to find solutions to the traffic problems?

Your new Orange County Board of County Commissioners:

Mayor: Jerry Demings – Democrat

Jerry Demings

Jerry Demings

The information below came from

Jerry Demings has over 37 years as a public servant in Orange County.  He says he is committed to smart growth, sustaining livable neighborhoods, business and job growth and forming partnerships to improve our education system.  He also says you can count on him to work with the community in developing solutions to social problems and other concerns like traffic congestion.

Mayor Glenda Hood appointed Jerry Demings as Orlando Police Chief in 1998 due to his outstanding leadership and commitment to our community. He was Orlando’s first African American Police Chief.

After retiring from the City of Orlando with 21 years of service, he was appointed by County Mayor Rich Crotty as Deputy County Administrator and Public Safety Director.  In addition, he served as Interim Orange County Jail Director for seven months. He was part of the mayor’s senior leadership team responsible for managing all county operations until January 2008.

He ran for Orange County Sheriff to reduce crime and make our neighborhoods safer.  He was elected the first African American Orange County Sheriff and Constitutional Officer in 2008.

Jerry Demings says he is a fiscal conservative and believes in efficient government. He also says taxpayers can count on him to be fiscally responsible as Mayor and chief executive for Orange County.

District 1:  Betsy VanderLey – Republican

Betsy VanderLey

Betsy VanderLey

The information below came from

She is a small business owner, an entrepreneur, and a business developer and the president of The Continuum Collaborative LLC, a business development and strategic planning firm.   Her background in construction, development and government has provided her a unique perspective of Orange County’s growth.  She served as the Chairman of Orange County Planning and Zoning and on the Affordable Housing Board.   She also holds a LEED Green Associate certification.   She was also selected by Commissioner Boyd for his Citizen of the Year for District one for 2013 and by the Greater Orlando Builder’s Association for their Eagle Award for “exceptional contribution to government affairs…” to the organization.

Organizations include: Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW); Society of American Military Engineers (SAME); Greater Orlando Builders Association (former Board Member); past Orange County District One Planning and Zoning Commissioner and Chair; Orange County Affordable Housing (former Board Member); OCPS Superintendent’s Search Advisory Committee member; Membership and Mission Review Board (former Board Member); 2014 Orange County District 1 citizen of the year; Orange County Teach in participant 2013 and 2014; Winter Garden Rotary (Board Member); Urban Land Institute Women’s Leadership Initiative board; West Orange Chamber of Commerce; West Orange Chamber of Commerce 2014 Chairman’s Award; Chairman of West Orange Chamber Economic and Government Affairs Committee; West Orange Chamber of Commerce member of the month, October 2013; Leadership West Orange graduate 2013/2014; Orlando Health’s Women of Influence Advisory Board; Public relations and marketing for Home at Last (providing handicap accessible, mortgage free homes for combat disabled vets); Organized large fundraiser for Matthew’s Hope with Leadership West Orange Class (serving the homeless in West Orange County); 2012 sponsorship chair for Winter Garden Relay for Life; Young Fathers of Central Florida past board member; HapCo past board member (HapCo provides scholarships for local music students); organized inaugural Oakland Heritage Days Festival

District 2:  Christine Moore – Republican

Christine Moore

Christine Moore

The information below came from

Christine Moore, of Apopka, who’s spent nine years on the school board, was Commissioner Brummer’s campaign manager for all six of his campaigns as he previously ran for the Orange County Commission in 2006 and ’10, and for the Florida House of Representatives in four terms in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

She is a real estate agent and professional flute player, and dedicated to various faith-based organizations and programs, but said her school board responsibilities have been her full-time vocation.

“A leadership position on the county commission brings greater access for building healthy, successful and opportunity-based communities,” Moore stated in a news release. “As state and federal governments have become increasingly more partisan, it is incumbent upon local government to be our ‘go-to’ leaders. Through a collaborative approach between stake-holder groups — civic, faith-based, business and local governments — much can be accomplished.”

She calls for prioritizing safe, healthy neighborhoods, smart growth, infill (which raises the quality and safety of existing structures), greater online permitting, a reduction in traffic congestion while increasing safe walking and biking, more detailed, collaborative emergency management plans, opportunity for new industry and, most importantly, doing so while remembering all government funding comes from the very same people it wishes to benefit.

She authored a children’s book, “Ahapopka, the History of Apopka and its Elementary Schools.” She founded and produces the Apopka Art & Jazz Festival. She recently began Ocoee Passion Flower Days and annually conducts fall beautification efforts throughout District 7.

She has worked with students and parents to take on responsibility for their own campuses. Moore, a cum-laude graduate of the University of Michigan, serves on the Mayor’s Task Force for Child Abuse, Apopka and West Orange Chambers of Commerce, and United Arts of Central Florida. She has two grown children and two granddaughters. She plays flute for Beautiful Music and in the orchestra at Trinity Baptist Church. Christine is a licensed real estate agent for Weichert Realtors Hallmark Properties.

District 3:  Mayra Uribe – Democrat

Mayra Uribe

Mayra Uribe

The information below came from

Mayra Uribe, a former aide to U.S. Senator Bill Nelson and well-known advocate for her community through her work for charities and nonprofits, announces her candidacy for Orange County Commission District 3.  Uribe previously ran for District 4.

As a lifelong resident of Orange County who grew up in District 3,   Mayra Uribe knows the community as well as anyone – she truly understands the needs of those calling Central Florida home. While the economy has strengthened for some, not everyone is feeling that their county government has done enough to address their needs.

Plus, there’s still crime. There’s still homelessness and poverty.  There are still forgotten places within Orange County that struggle.  Mayra Uribe thinks we can change all that for the better with hard work and a deep-seeded dedication to help EVERYONE have the opportunity to grow and prosper.  Orange County residents need to understand that their government is listening and getting things done.

“There are several key issues I see for District 3 residents: transportation, economic growth, and safety. I intend to take my campaign door-to-door and neighbor-to-neighbor, bringing my message of family, faith and focus on the issues at hand.  I will knock on as many doors as it takes,” Uribe said. “I will continue Commissioner Clarke’s emphasis on listening and learning from the residents about their concerns.”

Uribe continually draws on her more than six years of experience working for Sen. Nelson in his Orlando office, where her main priorities were immigration, transportation, military, FEMA, and labor issues.  Nelson’s legendary attention to his constituents’ concerns hardened Uribe’s resolve to help others in her community.

For the last five years, Mayra has dedicated her life to working with nonprofits (Healthy Start, Bootcamp for New Dads) as well as tirelessly raising awareness for Central Florida’s homeless children and families through various campaigns and efforts – all to strengthen the people and improve the lives of those in her community.

“My focus between now and November of 2018 will be this election. I have a lifetime of familiarity with the issues facing Orange County, and my experience working for Sen. Nelson combined with my many years of volunteering and community activism set me apart from the other candidates,” Uribe said.

Uribe is married to Kevin Sutton – A local radio show host. Their daughter Faith is 14 years old and their son Lincoln was born in May of this year.

District 4:  Maribel Gómez Cordero – Democrat

Maribel Gómez Cordero

Maribel Gómez Cordero

The information below came from

Maribel Gomez Cordero was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She has been living in Orange County, Orlando, Florida for the past twenty years. She is married to Henry Cordero and is the proud mother of Marian, Henry Jr., and Erik. Maribel is also an active member and leader of CDA Orlando Church.  Maribel earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling specializing in Marriage and Family, from Webster University.

Throughout her career as a Social Worker, she has worked for Children’s Home Society/Department of Children and Families, and as a Clinical Psychotherapist at Life and Work Solutions Counseling. She has dedicated herself to work for those who experience crisis, and provides support to individuals, families and groups within the community. She was honored to be recognized in 2002 by the Educational Foundation for the Advancement of Child Welfare with the “A Person That Makes A Difference” Award from the Florida Coalition for Children of Central Florida.

Maribel Gomez Cordero has always been passionate in serving families in distress.  During her professional practice, she became acutely aware of the many difficulties that ordinary citizens experience on a daily basis who consequently require her services.   She has been active in the county by participating as board member on various advisory boards in Orange County government, for example, the Charter Review Commission, and the Community Action and Advisory Board. She is also a board member for WE Hispanic Women Chamber of Commerce, and adviser for Nuevo Sendero Domestic Violence Program.

She provides services to the community through her church; counseling, food and clothing drives to the homeless, and referrals for resources in the community for people in need. As a small business entrepreneur, Maribel manages her private practice in psychotherapy.

Maribel Cordero continues to work with families in the community as this has always been her passion, however, she does what she loves – she also inspires others to do the same.

District 5:  Emily Bonilla – Democrat

Emily Bonilla

Emily Bonilla

The information below came from

Born in New York and raised in Massachusetts, Emily Bonilla has lived in Florida for 18 years. She obtained an Associates Degree in Film from Valencia, a Bachelor’s in English from UCF and Masters in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University.

Brought up in an impoverished family of origin,  she is an advocate for women.

She worked as a Career Advisor at Full Sail University.  Duties included assisting new grads with finding employment and/or creating their own business.

Bonilla promotes conservation of Orange County’s natural and economic resources and works to protect the black bears and ban fracking in Florida.

She fervently opposes urban sprawl.

District 6:  Victoria Siplin – Democrat

Victoria Siplin

Victoria Siplin

The information below came from

On November 4, 2014, Victoria P. Siplin made history as the first Haitian elected to Orange County Government as the Commissioner of District 6.  She ran on the platform of education, job creation, neighborhood revitalization, homeownership growth, elder care advocacy, health and safety, and enhanced infrastructure. Victoria Siplin believes in the American Dream, and her goal as Commissioner is to improve the quality of life for all people in Orange County, Florida.

Commissioner Siplin’s personal story embodies the American Dream and she is living proof of the mantra ‘hard work pays off’. Born in Nassau, Bahamas to Haitian parents in 1974, Victoria became an orphan at the tender age of three (3) and was sent to live with an aunt in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She attended Indian River State College and graduated with honors from Dillard High School in 1992; Victoria is a former “Miss Dillard.”

Commissioner Siplin’s commitment to service began as a Senate Page (1991) for Florida State Senator Carrie P. Meek and Senator Arnett E. Girardeau.  She also served as a mentor to low-income students Commissioner in Broward County.  Her volunteer service spans from being a community organizer, a fund-raiser for non-profit organizations that focus on transforming the lives of children and adults in a caring, fair, and safe environment, to serving on her sons’ schools’ PTA as its President and Treasurer.  Commissioner Siplin’s dedication to her community is further exemplified through outreach programs such as the Annual School Supply Giveaway (15 years), Annual Christmas Toy Giveaway (11 years), Swimming Babies initiative, Miss Haiti South Florida Scholarship Founder; The Earn, Keep, Grow (EKG) of Financial Management workshops; “A Teachable Moment with Commissioner Victoria Siplin” initiatives; and workshops on Immigration, Restoration of Rights, Expungement, Financial Management for individuals and nonprofits.

Commissioner Siplin holds membership in the National Association of Counties, Florida Association of Counties, MetroPlan Orlando Board of Directors, I-Drive Master Transit & Improvement District Governing Board, Orange County Community Action Board, Orange County Children and Family Services Board, Orange County Head Start Policy Council, Orange Blossom Trail Development Board, National Congress of Black Women, National Association of 100 Black Women, Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association, NAACP and former member of the Junior League of Greater Orlando.

Commissioner Siplin has been an Entrepreneur since 1998 and is the General Manager and Paralegal at Siplin Law, PA, located in the Pine Hills community.  She is the wife of former State Senator Gary Siplin (2000-2012), and mother of Joshua and Jacob, who attend public school.  The Siplins reside in Orlando, Florida and are members of New Covenant Baptist Church.

On December 20, 2016, the Board of County Commissioners elected Commissioner Siplin to serve as Vice Mayor of Orange County, Florida for the 2017 calendar year.  Commissioner Siplin is humbled by her responsibilities as Orange County Vice Mayor and County Commissioner; and believes that Progress Requires a Collective Commitment to service, education, job creation, and neighborhood revitalization.

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nextdoor-blog-logo - 700

NextDoor post responding to statements made in discussion

This post is in response to comments made on this NextDoor post:

Seerina, why would you possibly think that Jay needs a “thorn in his backside”. Contentious comments like this are not productive nor is playing on the emotions of people who are not familiar with details. Zembower played a big part in getting the rural boundary on the ballot and approved by the voters in Seminole County. That speaks for itself. If you want to have a rational discussion here about “The Grow” which I think is where your angst with Zembower stems, it might be good for readers to really understand what happened and why. I would be happy to engage in a productive conversation and fill in the blanks. By the way, just to be clear, I did not support The Grow or any other development east of the Econ but I understand why Zembower did and maybe people would like to know why.  And here’s my public comment at River Cross.  I was speaker 85 of 87 against River Cross and I finally got to the podium around 9 pm.  There were two in favor and they were relatives of the landowner.

Ted, that’s a good idea about buying the land and has been pursued in the past. In fact, the Sandhill Conservation area that borders the Econ and is just south of the county line was purchased from Rybolt for 8 million. Unfortunately, state funding is not limitless, and the cost of the Lake Pickett properties is in the tens of millions. To get that done would take a big effort by many. I think it would require a sponsor in the House to push through a bill but not really sure? Maybe Rene Plasencia would help but first someone would have to find out if the landowners would even consider selling and at what price and come up with a compelling argument for purchasing the land.

I have mixed feelings about this lawsuit. I think the chances of success are very slim and I have heard that some of the five petitioners are not a party in the lawsuit anymore. Is that true and if so why? I also wonder how an HOA (Corner Lakes) was able to convince their homeowners to enter into this lawsuit and even why they chose to be part of it. Why would a subdivision that has a density of 4 units per acre enter into something like this? What is the reason they would give for doing this and was it a vote at a homeowner meeting or was it a board decision? If it was a board decision, I would be livid as a homeowner living in that HOA. My HOA dues are meant to maintain common areas inside the walls of the community, not engage in lawsuits outside.

The Lake Pickett Text Amendment is custom made for the Lake Pickett properties and only Lake Pickett, not any other rural area as described here: ( ). The Text Amendment follows a pattern called a Transect pattern of development that is a generic pattern as described here: When a statement is made saying this text amendment is a template for other rural areas, it is incorrect. A template would be the Transect pattern, not the Lake Pickett Text Amendment. The text amendment is custom made for the Lake Pickett properties and does not apply to any other rural lands.

My concern with all this is not only the environmental impact but also traffic. How can we possible allow development to continue when there is no plan at all to address the traffic concerns. Here’s my public comment from 7/28/2015 during the Lake Pickett Process: ( ).

As far as I can tell our commissioner in Orange County has done nothing on this issue. I have been to public comment twice and asked about traffic in this area and the answer I got twice is, “things are going on in the background”. What things? Here’s my public comment from 1/23/2018: ( ).

McCulloch has 23,000 cars going down a two-lane road with a maximum capacity of 15,000. I checked the accident stats a while ago and there were 105 accidents between Lockwood and N. Tanner in a two-year period, many with injuries. Think about that, one accident a week on that road.

East Orange County Accidents - 2012-2014

East Orange County Accidents – 2012-2014

A nightmare thought always went through my mind of a mother with little children trying to exit our subdivision of University Estates onto that road and being hit. So, we worked on getting a traffic light at that entrance and after being denied twice finally got one on the third try. Thank God, it has been a huge blessing and relief to our community and I don’t have those nightmare thoughts as much. I credit Mayor Jacobs for getting that one through for us, not our commissioner. I honesty think we would not have that signal light if our commissioner was in office when it was approved.

Here’s my public comment from 3/21/2017 ringing the warning bells about traffic.  We are now in November of 2018 and nothing has been done.

And our friends in Seminole County are not immune, you have Mitchell Hammock with no end in sight to continued development in Oviedo. Thank the Oviedo mayor for that.

Why are we not banging on our politicians desks demanding a plan for traffic and demanding no development until that happens? If you want to be a “thorn in the backside”, I have some recommendations and Zembower is not one of them.

Sorry for the long winded response.

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