District 5 Commissioner challenger – Sanja M. Spradling

Who is Sonja M. Spradling? and why is she running for District 5 Orange County Commissioner? On the Orange County Candidate website she filed on 9/17/2010 and has a P.O. Box listed so almost no information.

An internet search shows a Sonja M. Spradling living out in Wedgefield in the rural area but this may not be the same person.

If it is that would be interesting a Bonilla owes her commission win to the people in the rural area.

If you know who Sonja M. Spradling is and why she is running for District 5 Orange County Commissioner, let us know.

Wedgefield has been in the news in the past primarily because of the water situation with the company who supplies water, Pluris. They were also in the news when a school was built out there.

Bonilla won her race because of the turnout from the people in the rural area. This might split the votes. We will find out more as this moves along.

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District 5 Commissioner challenger – Anjali Vaya

So far there are three challengers for the District 5 Commissioner.

The first one highlighted here is Anjali Vaya who filed on Aug. 7.

Ms. Vaya lives in Winder Park and is the owner of Tess Mobile Solutions.

She worked on both Jerry Demings and John Mina’s campaigns and has been active in political business issues.

She is also active in the Indian American Chamber of Commerce.

This is interesting, she is an immigrant from Zambia and lived in Kitwe.  I lived in Lusaka, Zambia for 13 years so am familiar with that area.

More information such as where she stands on issues important to us will be passed on when it becomes available.

Next to highlight is Sonja M. Speadling who filed on Sept 17th and then Winter Park Mayor Steve Leary who filed Sept 16th.

We need a commissioner who will fight for all constituents, not just select groups or certain areas of the district.



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Sustany – what you need to know

In the Justification document it reads, “It is establishing a community pattern on the land that will be in place for many decades. We consider the development of the Sustany community as a 5-generation plan, one that will be viable and sustainable for over 100 years. “

Do we really want an urban sprawl development like this that will last 100 years and 5 generations. There are 800 acres of buildable land on this property and 2,500 proposed houses so on average each house will be one third acre. That’s cookie cutter HOA type urban sprawl communities.Those houses will go for $300k and up to probably a million. Who can afford that?

And then there is the statement that reads, “a walkable and bikeable community anchored by a Community Center with small additional Neighborhood Centers is the key to walkability. People need to be able to walk or bike to interesting and attractive destinations”.

What interesting and attractive destinations? And what bikeable or walkability? There are no shops and there is no multi-modal transportation planned. I suppose people can walk around the neighborhood or bike in it but that’s not walkable or bikeable. No one can commute to work by walking or bike and if this goes the way of the last one, not a single word about Lynx. So how do people get around? By car of course and where? Lake Pickett, N. Tanner, McCulloch and Hwy 50 which are already congested.

How in the world can they possible suggest this development? I certainly don’t want to see a development like this built that will concrete itself into place for 100 years.

Full document here: http://fixmyroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/4.-Justification-Statement.pdf

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