MetroPlan Orlando

What is MetroPlan Orlando and what does this organization do?

MetroPlan Orlando is the metropolitan planning organization for Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties. As a regional transportation planning organization, MetroPlan Orlando provides a forum for local elected officials and transportation experts to work together to improve mobility for residents, businesses and visitors.

MetroPlan Orlando is one of 27 transportation planning organizations in Florida that are charged with taking money given to them by the state which comes from Washington and determining where it will be spent.  Here is a link to more information on the FDOT website.

The make-up of the board, as designated by the Governor of Florida and by Interlocal Agreement, includes:

  • Orange County (6)
  • Osceola County (1)
  • City of Orlando (2)
  • City of Kissimmee (1)
  • City of Apopka (1)
  • LYNX (1)
  • Seminole County (2)
  • Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority (1)
  • City of Sanford (1)
  • Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (1)
  • City of Altamonte Springs (1)
  • Sanford Airport Authority (1)

Metropolitan planning organizations, such as MetroPlan Orlando, are charged in federal law with developing three specific plans: 1) Long Range Transportation Plan, 2) Transportation Improvement Program, and 3) Unified Planning Work Program.

The Long Range Transportation Plan identifies transportation improvements necessary to maintain adequate mobility and to accommodate growth forecasted over the next 20 years. The current Long Range Transportation Plan includes projects through the year 2030. The plan is developed, in part, through a comprehensive analysis of highway, public transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and freight movement needs. Public policy considerations and public input also guide development of the plan.  MetroPlan Orlando also has a formal process for prioritizing projects adopted in the long range transportation plan. The end result is a document called the Prioritized Project List.

The Transportation Improvement Program is a five-year plan that assigns available funding to specific projects in the near future. MetroPlan Orlando develops this plan each year, which includes a period of review by the organization’s advisory committees.

The Unified Planning Work Program provides a work program for each year, including the transportation planning budget and related activities for the metropolitan area. Though the document covers a two-year period, the Unified Planning Work Program is reviewed yearly to refine previously identified tasks and better reflect changes in the economic climate.

More information is available on their website at




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