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2/3/2015 – Phone Conversation with Congressman John Mica’s District Representative

Patrick Kelly - District Representative for John MicaYesterday I spoke with Patrick Kelly who is Congressman John Mica‘s District Representative who has an office right here in Oviedo.  It was a very interesting conversation and also put me on the track towards MetroPlan Orlando.  Mr.. Kelly is a very pleasant and helpful person to speak to and I appreciated his knowledge and experience.

The reason for my call was to see if I could meet with Congressman Mica who serves in a leadership role on the House Transportation Committee and talk to him about the traffic issues.  Unfortunately, Congressman Mica, is in session for two months and will not be in the area.  But our phone conversation was very informative.

Transportation Projects Listing

Transportation Projects Listing

I asked how roads were funded and Mr. Kelly explained that most of the roads I was referring to were county roads except for Hwy 50 which is a state road.  So Congressman Mica cannot help with the county roads.  In fact he cannot help directly with the state roads either because of the way the government allocates money to the states.  I have to fully understand and confirm this but as it was explained to me, money flows from the government to the state.  The state then takes that money and allocates it to regions.  This is where MetroPlan fits into the picture.  Apparently MetroPlan is our regional planning organization for transportation and has something to do with how funds are allocated.  I will be posting more info on MetroPlan on subsequent posts so stay tuned in.

I will be attending the next MetroPlan meeting on the 11th to try and understand what this entity does and how they operate.

A visual image comes to mind of a food truck with the back open and people handing out food to lines and lines of people.  The food truck is MetroPlan.  We are the people in line.  Except we are not in the line.  If your not in the line, you don’t get the food.

Mr. Kelly suggested I write a letter to Congressman Mica explaining the situation so he is aware of our problems here in East Orange County.  I will do that and post it in a subsequent blog.

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