9/8/2016 – Response from Orange County on Signal Light for University Estates

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Subject: RE: Lake Pickett North Community Meeting

Mr. Klimovitch,

Under normal circumstances I would agree with you regarding warrants but this is a very abnormal situation.

At this point in time, the residents in University Estates don’t care about warrants.  We care about getting out of our neighborhood safely.  It is the obligation of the county to maintain the Level Of Service on the county roadways and we all know that the Level Of Service on McCulloch is dismal and does not meet county standards.  It is an “F” rated road and the trips during peak hours far exceed the 800 limit for a two lane road.  The volume during peak hours is 1,300, far above what the county is obligated to maintain.  This must be taken into account.

It is also the obligation of the county to protect its residents.  Let me point out the accidents on this roadway in the past year between 7/1/2015 through 6/30/2016.  According to FIRES, there have been 13 accidents in the stretch of road in front of our community with 31 vehicles involved.  10 people were injured; that is almost one a month in this very short ½ mile stretch of road.  This will not get better when McCulloch is 4-laned and can only get worse.  Does someone have to die on this stretch of roadway in order for the county to fulfill its responsibility to its citizens?

This is a very extraordinary situation and I would venture to say that this stretch of road is one of the worst in all of Orange County.  Considering this, a traffic light is most definitely required.  Please don’t talk to us about warrants and requirements while Orange County is not fulfilling its obligation to its residents.

Again, we demand a signal light at this intersection.  Mayor Jacobs or another commissioner, perhaps you could make an exception in this case and bring this to a vote at the next board meeting.


RJ Mueller

FIRES accidents on McCulloch Rd

FIRES accidents on McCulloch Rd

FIRES accidents on McCulloch Rd

FIRES accidents on McCulloch Rd



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Subject: RE: Lake Pickett North Community Meeting

Dear Mr. Mueller,

This is in response to your request for a traffic signal on McCulloch Road at Worchester Drive.  Before a traffic signal is installed, the intersection must meet one of the warrants for signalization found in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  I have attached the section of the manual that describes the warrants.

Our previous studies of McCulloch Road and Worchester Drive (west intersection) showed that none of the warrants were met for signalization.  Side street volumes were not large enough to satisfy the volume warrants.

Of course, we will be willing to re-study the intersection if conditions change, such as the widening of McCulloch Road.  We appreciate your observations and comments on traffic safety and operations.


John Klimovitch
Traffic Engineering
Orange County Public Works


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Subject: RE: Lake Pickett North Community Meeting


Please respond, Ruby is away . Thanks

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Subject: FW: Lake Pickett North Community Meeting


Please review request highlighted below and provide response.

Thank you as always!


 Danny Rivera, MPA
Special Assistant to the Mayor
Office of Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs
201 South Rosalind Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: 407-836-7370
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Mayor Jacobs, her staff and all Orange County employees are proud to serve the public.  Our shared values help us deliver on the promise of exceptional service to the citizens we serve.  Mayor Jacobs expects all employees to demonstrate fairness, integrity and character, excellence and innovation, professionalism and accountability, and have a strong work ethic by providing outstanding customer service as we carry out our duties to the taxpayers and citizens of Orange County.


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Subject: Lake Pickett North Community Meeting

Mayor Jacobs and Commissioner Edwards,

Another check box checked!  I think that is how the residents of East Orange County feel about the community meeting last night.  Despite every person in the room strongly against this project because of the roads and environmental concerns, Commissioner Edwards pushes on and supports the developers.  I had to leave early but someone told me that Commissioner Edwards said we, the residents, can’t make up our mind about traffic.  First we want it fixed then we don’t.  That is absolutely not true.  We want traffic fixed, period.  But what we don’t believe is that these improvements will fix traffic.

I listened to the developers traffic planner tell us how these road improvements will fix our traffic problems.  I also listened to Commissioner Edwards tell us how development is tied to road improvements.  He said road improvements are tied to development and if the road improvements are not made then the development can’t proceed.  The big problem with that is I, as well as many others, are convinced the improvements won’t fix our traffic problems and is only temporary relief.  So if a road is improved such as 4-laning McCulloch the developer can proceed only to find in 10 years we are worse than we are now with the developer long gone leaving us with a worse mess and limited options.

These restrictions on the development is just simply not enough. 

I want to emphasis that we are against this development, the bridge and the McCulloch extension and the demands below is only if this moves forward.

I have 700 petitions against the bridge to prove it. http://savetheecon.com and SOC has over 10,500 petition signatures.  What more do you need?

If you decide to move forward, then there has to be stricter requirements on development. First, here is what the residents of University Estates want.  We want a light at McCulloch and Worchester.  Especially if McCulloch is to be 4-laned.  We will never be able to get out into traffic without a light.  We are not requesting a light; we are demanding a light.

I am also demanding this.  Development needs to be tied to Level of Service (LOS) and not just LOS but trips; not just road improvements.  We know that an “F” on a 4-lane road is 2,000 trips during peak times.  If you decide to 4-lane McCulloch and that brings the road to a LOS of “C” then if the road falls to a “F” or greater than 2,000 peak hour trips, development stops until remedies are put in place to raise the LOS out of “F”.  Readings need to be taken every 6 months.  This way, the residents are protected against McCulloch becoming over-capacity in 10 years.

If the developer and the county is confident these traffic improvements will fix our traffic problems as was portrayed to us last night, then the county and the developer should gladly agree to this demand.  We want protection if things go wrong.  We are owed this as residents of Orange County.  The county has the obligation to maintain the roads at an acceptable LOS which is just not the case now and will not be in the future unless we demand it.  Orange County is not meeting its obligation to its tax-paying residents.

Contrary to what Commissioner Edwards said, we want our roads fixed but we want them fixed right.


RJ Mueller

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