Congressman John Mica

2/13/2015 – Letter to Congressman John Mica

Tonight I wrote a letter to Congressman John Mica.  Yes, a snail mail letter like in the old days.  Below is the letter I wrote and here is the word document, Congressman John Mica letter.


RJ Mueller
14366 Stamford Circle
Orlando, FL 32826

Congressman John Mica
95 East Mitchell Hammock Road
Oviedo, FL 32765

Congressman Mica,

The reason for this letter is to bring to your attention the traffic issues in East Orange County.  I am sure you know something about this but I would like to explain why the situation has become increasingly worse over the last few years and ask for your support in helping raise the attention level of this issue so East Orange County receives more funding to correct the situation.

The specific area I am referring to is land east of the Econ River.  Because the Econ River is the dividing line between the Urban Service Area and the Rural Service Area, no funding has been allocated to improve any of the roadway east of the Econ River.  However, development has been allowed east of the Econ due to what are commonly referred to as “Entitlements” that were granted in 1991.  These entitlements allowed higher density sub-divisions to be built in the Rural Service Area bringing more traffic to the roadways.  Other development farther out has also increased the traffic burden.

In addition to this, two events occurred in 2005 that dramatically changed the traffic pattern in this area.  First, Avalon Park Blvd. was opened to Hwy 50 allowing an immense amount of traffic to pour onto Hwy 50.  Over the years this traffic has severely clogged the intersection of the 408 Expressway and Hwy 50 bringing traffic to a standstill.  There are 4 stop lights within a mile to the west of 408 on Hwy 50 and 4 stop lights within 1.5 miles to the east.   That is 8 lights in a 2.5 mile distance.

Hwy 50 is being expanded to six lanes but talks with traffic experts at Orange County shows that this will not be enough and the roadway will fail.

Because of the issue at the 408 and Hwy 50 commuters have tried to find alternative routes.  The only other East-West road is McCulloch Road north of UCF and on the Orange/Seminole border.  Commuters are now traversing roads that were intended to be rural and have made them commuter roads.  McCulloch is now failing.

We need attention in our area and we need funding to fix these roads.  My suggestion after speaking with many people on this issue is to form a regional traffic planning committee specifically formed to fix the issues in East Orange County.

We do not have enough representation in the various organizations to promote this cause.  On the Board of County Commissioners, we have Commissioner Edwards who works for our welfare and is doing what he can but this will take a much bigger effort than the County.  We do not have representation from our area on the Central Florida Expressway Authority and even though there are 19 members on the MetroPlan Orlando board, we have limited representation.

Our area must have more focus and representation so we can reverse the damage that has been done over the last several years due to the lack funding which has translated into our roads falling severely behind development.

To show you how serious I am in pursuing this effort, please visit my website at and my Facebook site at  I am just one guy who lives in this area trying to make our little part of the world heaven on earth.  As I always say in Spanish when people say to me “que pasa”, my answer is always “Viviendo el sueno”.  Help us live the dream.

What can you do to help this effort?  Can you help spearhead a committee to focus directly on this issue?  Thank you for any help you can provide.



RJ Mueller
East Orange County, Florida resident


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