Seerina Ferrell slanderous comments – United For Progress spent $96,360 directly to back Bonilla  – BAMN

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Title:  Seerina Ferrell slanderous comments – United For Progress spent $96,360 directly to back Bonilla – BAMN

This blog is too long for NextDoor so if you are interested read it in it’s entirety on my blog site here:  This post is a reaction to Seerina Ferrell’s slanderous and defamatory attacks on anyone who opposes her point of view and as you will read she has broken many NextDoor rules in the process as well as many moral codes.  If you think this is harsh, that is the intention.  Her latest attack was today on a person in our community that has lived here for many years in the rural area and has fought hard to protect it.  This person has also volunteered time to serve on committees and has been a leader in the community.  Why has Seerina Ferrell targeted this person?  Because she has different point of view.

Here are the highlights in the post:

— Most of us who live out here in East Orange County support protection of the rural area because we understand how valuable it is to the area and the environment.  I certainly do and that is why when it comes to the environment, protection of the Econ River Basin is my highest priority and believe it or not it tops even the traffic problems.  Read more …..
— Understand that some people who also care deeply about the rural area might have a different idea on how it should be done and don’t deserve to be slandered by Seerina Ferrell.  Read more …..
— Slanderous quotes from Seerina Ferrell’s NextDoor posts that are blatant violations of NextDoor policy.
—– “Our county commissioners made a bad decision and were in bed with the developers.”
—– “DO NOT VOTE these people into office.”
—– “Then 18 minutes later crooked Chris Dorworth”
—– just three here, more in the post.  Read more …..
— Seerina Ferrell has personally attacked the character of Jay Zembower insinuating that he is in the pocket of the developer and in cahoots with Dorworth.  Read more …..
— the pot calling the kettle black:  United For Progress spent $96,360 directly to back Bonilla according to the articles in the news.  Read more ….
— What does a local district commissioner have to do to repay a gift of $96,360 and a commission seat if in another commission race a developer makes a donation of $1,000?  Read more …..
— What has Emily Bonilla done to help our local traffic problems?.  Read more …..
— What is going on in the background regarding traffic and if there is a plan as Seerina Ferrell claims, why has it not been shared and why does it seem Emily Bonilla is being given a pass on our traffic problems?
— NextDoor violations by Seerina Ferrell.
—– Don’t attack, berate, bully, belittle, insult, harass, threaten
—–Don’t use Nextdoor as a soapbox
—– Telling your neighbors how to vote
—– just three, more in the post. 
— A question for SOC.  Do you really want to be associated with a person who by the posts above calls developers crooked, who thinks our elected officials in Tallahassee are all crooked, who commands us to vote her way, who thinks our county commissioners are in bed with developers, who thinks every commissioner and mayor needs to be voted out except Emily Bonilla who seems to Seerina Ferrell to be the only elected official worthy of holding public office?  Read more …..
–A question for Emily Bonilla.  Seerina Ferrell seems to have some special access to information that is being denied other constituents in your district.  Whether you like it or not Seerina Ferrell has appointed herself as your spokesperson and now speaks for you on NextDoor.  Is this the type of tactics you want to be associated with and is Seerina Ferrell speaking for you?  If so where is this traffic plan she claims you have?

This is hypocrisy at it’s best.  As you all read this 99% of us are sitting in house in a sub-division that was once rural land.  Our house was built by a developer who bought the rural land from someone.  And here we sit in complete ignorance of this and demonize all developers as thought they were the devil incarnate yet we all depend on them and what they do for every single need we have.  Gas stations they built for fuel in our vehicles.  Publix that they built for food to sustain us.  Hospitals and Urgent Care center that they built for medical needs when we get sick.  Schools for our children, fire stations, police stations, airports and yes, even the very houses we live in as we read this article.  And the list goes on and on.   Our elected officials are not demagogues because they voted against the wishes of Seerina Ferrell and the governor is not Beelzebub.  Closer to home, Jay Zembower, Debbie Parrish and Deborah Shafer are not in league with the devil because they have a different opinion on how that area should be developed and saying they don’t care about the rural area is pure BS.

Seerina Ferrell; your slanderous comments, accusations and insults and attempts to discredit good people will not go unanswered.  Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals don’t apply to NextDoor.  This is a place to share information in a civil and productive way, not slander anyone who does not agree with you.

What does BAMN mean.  BAny Means Necessary and these tactics are certainly being employed by Seerina Ferrell.

I suppose now I will be demonized and told I don’t care about the rural area or will endure some form of personal attack.  So be it.  And when her minions come out of the shadows to her aid, you will know who is of like mind.

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