Split Oaks CFX meeting update on March 8th

If you are not up to speed on this issue, there are several proposed routes for this roadway and one of them is through the Split Oaks forest.

Over 30 speakers showed up at the CFX (Central Florida Expressway) headquarters to oppose the route through the Split Oaks forest.  That’s a lot of people; I have never seen that many people at a CFX meeting before.  Most said the same thing, don’t build the road through the forest but some interesting facts came out.

One very emotional and passionate speaker talked about pine trees (conifers) which he says are taken for granted.  I was surprised to learn that 90% of the long leaf pine’s historical range has been cleared out.  That sounds very alarming.

The end result was a motion to explore the different routes for the expressway.

Links to sites pertaining to Split Oaks and the expressway.

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