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NextDoor post responding to statements made in discussion

This post is in response to comments made on this NextDoor post:

Seerina, why would you possibly think that Jay needs a “thorn in his backside”. Contentious comments like this are not productive nor is playing on the emotions of people who are not familiar with details. Zembower played a big part in getting the rural boundary on the ballot and approved by the voters in Seminole County. That speaks for itself. If you want to have a rational discussion here about “The Grow” which I think is where your angst with Zembower stems, it might be good for readers to really understand what happened and why. I would be happy to engage in a productive conversation and fill in the blanks. By the way, just to be clear, I did not support The Grow or any other development east of the Econ but I understand why Zembower did and maybe people would like to know why.  And here’s my public comment at River Cross.  I was speaker 85 of 87 against River Cross and I finally got to the podium around 9 pm.  There were two in favor and they were relatives of the landowner.

Ted, that’s a good idea about buying the land and has been pursued in the past. In fact, the Sandhill Conservation area that borders the Econ and is just south of the county line was purchased from Rybolt for 8 million. Unfortunately, state funding is not limitless, and the cost of the Lake Pickett properties is in the tens of millions. To get that done would take a big effort by many. I think it would require a sponsor in the House to push through a bill but not really sure? Maybe Rene Plasencia would help but first someone would have to find out if the landowners would even consider selling and at what price and come up with a compelling argument for purchasing the land.

I have mixed feelings about this lawsuit. I think the chances of success are very slim and I have heard that some of the five petitioners are not a party in the lawsuit anymore. Is that true and if so why? I also wonder how an HOA (Corner Lakes) was able to convince their homeowners to enter into this lawsuit and even why they chose to be part of it. Why would a subdivision that has a density of 4 units per acre enter into something like this? What is the reason they would give for doing this and was it a vote at a homeowner meeting or was it a board decision? If it was a board decision, I would be livid as a homeowner living in that HOA. My HOA dues are meant to maintain common areas inside the walls of the community, not engage in lawsuits outside.

The Lake Pickett Text Amendment is custom made for the Lake Pickett properties and only Lake Pickett, not any other rural area as described here: ( ). The Text Amendment follows a pattern called a Transect pattern of development that is a generic pattern as described here: When a statement is made saying this text amendment is a template for other rural areas, it is incorrect. A template would be the Transect pattern, not the Lake Pickett Text Amendment. The text amendment is custom made for the Lake Pickett properties and does not apply to any other rural lands.

My concern with all this is not only the environmental impact but also traffic. How can we possible allow development to continue when there is no plan at all to address the traffic concerns. Here’s my public comment from 7/28/2015 during the Lake Pickett Process: ( ).

As far as I can tell our commissioner in Orange County has done nothing on this issue. I have been to public comment twice and asked about traffic in this area and the answer I got twice is, “things are going on in the background”. What things? Here’s my public comment from 1/23/2018: ( ).

McCulloch has 23,000 cars going down a two-lane road with a maximum capacity of 15,000. I checked the accident stats a while ago and there were 105 accidents between Lockwood and N. Tanner in a two-year period, many with injuries. Think about that, one accident a week on that road.

East Orange County Accidents - 2012-2014

East Orange County Accidents – 2012-2014

A nightmare thought always went through my mind of a mother with little children trying to exit our subdivision of University Estates onto that road and being hit. So, we worked on getting a traffic light at that entrance and after being denied twice finally got one on the third try. Thank God, it has been a huge blessing and relief to our community and I don’t have those nightmare thoughts as much. I credit Mayor Jacobs for getting that one through for us, not our commissioner. I honesty think we would not have that signal light if our commissioner was in office when it was approved.

Here’s my public comment from 3/21/2017 ringing the warning bells about traffic.  We are now in November of 2018 and nothing has been done.

And our friends in Seminole County are not immune, you have Mitchell Hammock with no end in sight to continued development in Oviedo. Thank the Oviedo mayor for that.

Why are we not banging on our politicians desks demanding a plan for traffic and demanding no development until that happens? If you want to be a “thorn in the backside”, I have some recommendations and Zembower is not one of them.

Sorry for the long winded response.

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