Traffic Frustration

Public comment in Seminole by resident about infrastructure

I was watching the Seminole County Board of County Commissioner meeting on 10/23/2018 and heard this man speak about infrastructure.

This is an all too familiar story but we need to be reminded.  Commissioner Bonilla has been in office for two years and I never hear her talk about traffic.  She ran on a platform focused on the protection of the rural area.  Traffic just doesn’t seem to be a priority or even on her radar screen even though it ranks as one of the highest problems in our area.

Every day there are more cars on the roads sitting in one spot spewing carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and unburned hydrocarbons pollutants into the air.  A car sitting idle for 15 minutes a day will burn a gallon of fuel a week.   How much fuel is burned at zero miles per gallon on Hwy 50, Alafaya Trail, University Blvd and McCulloch Road?  Our car-centric society ignores the damage while the development machine keeps churning.  Land is cleared like the corner of Hwy 50 and Lake Pickett making ready for more apartments to house hundreds.  That stretch of road is already over capacity and is the worst traffic nightmare in the area yet mobs of people will soon move in and spill out onto Hwy 50 in more and more cars.

What does protection of the rural area really means?  Is it just protecting a way of life?  Where does real protection of the environment rank and what’s the plan to curb this traffic and slow development?

Listen to this man speak and hear where we are heading if we continue down this road (pun intended).

If this sounds rough, I hope it is taken that way.  One car idling for 15 minutes uses a quarter gallon of gas so in one week, one car wastes over a gallon of gas at zero miles per gallon.

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