Emily Bonilla

Holiday email leads aide to resign

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day

When I got the email from Bonilla saying “Happy Memorial Day” I cringed. But when I got the next email, I was shocked. I agree with the person in this article that writes, “I am deeply offended by this email,” one constituent wrote in response to the corrected version. “First of all, if you delegate to your aide, then you accept the responsibility for the email. Do not send an apology and place the blame on your staff.”

I have heard her office is a revolving door for aides but now it’s confirmed, “Bonilla has gone through 9 assistants since taking office.” And here is what she said about it, “I’m dealing with a lot of issues that should have been addressed years ago” said Bonilla. But this doesn’t explain why 9 people have quit in 2 years.

Our traffic situation is a nightmare and when I make public comment at the Board of County Commissioners, the response from Bonilla is vague references that things are going on in the background. What is going on? I tried twice to meet with her to discuss plans to address the traffic issues and was denied. She held community area meetings a year or more ago and nothing has come of it yet she promised some plan to address the issues. What is our commissioner doing besides riding in parades, going to dinners and cutting ribbons?

I hope someone steps up to run next year that will actually work on the issues we face. Drawing a salary to block development in the rural service area is not enough. We need someone who will defend the rural service area but also put a plan in place to solve these traffic issues and other issues constituents face in our district. Is this really the person you want representing you for the next 6 years? I hope someone fair and balanced steps up to the plate to run against her in 2020.


Here’s the two emails:

First Email

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