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7/25/2019:  Posted to Facebook

It’s been a while since I posted because things have been quiet but that is all about to change so get ready to be updated. Sustany is back!

If you don’t know what Sustany is, it is the development just east of the Econ butting up against Seminole County extending over to 419 and down to Lake Pickett. The map below is the PREVIOUS plan, NOT this one.

I understand they went to the DRC in Orange County asking for a land use change so I sent an email to Orange County asking for information on the meeting to better understand what they are asking for,

More to come.

Sustany - 1,999 units

Sustany – 1,999 units

7/26/2019: Posted to Facebook

Orange County responded to my request for information on Sustany.

The meeting that occurred recently was between Orange County and representatives of the former Sustany comprehensive plan amendment proposal. They met informally on July 18 as a pre-application meeting to discuss the possible submittal of an application to amend the county’s Future Land Use map. The concerns that had been raised during the last review were reiterated.

The only information the sponsors supplied was a pre-application request form. If they decide to formally file an application, the window for filing for the upcoming review cycle is between August 5 – 30.

They projected one conceptual site plan which was not much different from the previous. They did not show an extension of McCulloch Road to the property, though a possible corridor at the northwest corner was left open.

If they are NOT proposing crossing the Econ at McCulloch, how will traffic flow westward? It would seem most would have to go to Lake Pickett which is going to make a lot of people very unhappy.

On a side note, I understand the plaintiffs for the Lake Pickett lawsuit tried to have the 5th circuit court review the case again but they declined which seems it is all but dead leaving the road open for The Grow.

With all this going on what is Orange County and our commissioner doing about our traffic problems?

7/31/2019: Posted to Facebook

What are the chances Sustany will gain BCC (Board of County Commission) approval?

If I were to guess, not good.  The odds are stacked against this development in every way.

We will know by August 20th if they decide to move forward as that is the deadline for this cycle’s application submission.

Yes, the Lake Pickett Text Amendment is in place and the lawsuit by Orange County residents against Orange County to reverse it was not successful.  But that doesn’t mean there is a clear path to approval.  So much is stacked against this development:

  • The opposition from residents is fierce and organized.
  • The developer still must have a regulating plan approved (PD – Planned Development) that includes traffic.
  • The developers have already said they are not considering a bridge over the Econ at McCulloch so how will traffic go east-west?  They are land-locked.

    Traffic in the future

    Traffic in the future

  • I don’t think “The Grow” is going to allow Sustany to build a road to Hwy 50 through their property so getting to Hwy 50 is a problem.
  • Traffic will have to go to Lake Pickett Road which means Lake Pickett Road will have to be improved.  Four lane anyone?  Does that mean going through the Montessori school is back in play too?  No matter, if you thought resistance from residents was fierce with the bridge, multiply it by 10.
  • Hwy 50 is already over capacity.
  • McCulloch is over capacity.

    Traffic Impact Study - 2030

    Traffic Impact Study – 2030

  • Orange County and our commissioner have no plan to address traffic in East Orange County.
  • Does the political will by the mayor and commissioners exist to oppose the residents?  I don’t think so.  Bonilla was elected just for this one purpose so she will not support it and will not bring a motion for approval so what commissioner will make a motion to approve and who will second it and then which four will vote in favor?  I seriously doubt any one of them want to commit that political suicide.
  • Seminole County is certainly not on board because it puts their rural boundary at risk and will cause more traffic on their roadways and none of their commissioners will support this development as proven by River Cross.

I don’t know what the developer hopes to gain by bringing this forward at this time.  In my mind it makes no sense.

9/11/2019: Posted to Facebook

Sustany has applied and I just got the documents. Will post to tomorrow. For now, here’s a summary.

The plan looks similar to the last go around but with some significant changes. Here they are:

– No bridge over the Econ at McCulloch – so how will traffic move?

– Road exiting on Chuluota Road near the Seminole border.

– That road goes through Sustany to Lake Pickett exiting near the Sandhill Conservation area.

– Three other roads all exiting on Lake Pickett Road. In total, there are five exit roads on Lake Pickett.

– Two roads exiting on Lake Pickett are shown going through The Grow to Hwy 50. That pic also shows the FDOT Expressway along Hwy 50.

– The pics show Lake Pickett being improved whatever that means.

– Another pic shows the trip distribution with 35% on Lake Pickett Road.

– Another pic shows N. Tanner needing improvements (widening most likely) in 2030.

The people in the rural area have been fighting to keep Lake Pickett rural and this shows huge traffic increases on that road.

Expect maximum opposition from all sides if the last go around was any indication.

9/12/2019 – Posting the Sustany documents

Looking at the application, Sustany is asking for 2,500 units.  The last go around it was 1,999 so 501 more units on this application.

Below are links to the documents:

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