Mayor Demings Transportation Town Hall meeting

On 8/22/2019, Mayor Demings held a town hall at the downtown Lynx bus center to talk about the one cent sales tax that he says will fix the transportation problems we have in Orange County.  Below is a short clip of the town hall.

I was at the mic for public comment along with other people who talked about our issues in East Orange County.   Many were there from all over the county with a myriad of transportation issues in their own areas so everyone will be competing for attention.

While I support this tax, we can probably all agree that support only comes if it benefits East Orange County.  We hear a lot about Sunrail, I-4, Lynx and infrastructure downtown and at the attractions but little attention on our area of East Orange County.  How will this tax help us?

There was a lot of talk about Lynx which will help a little but that won’t help the majority of commuters in East Orange County as most are car commuters.

There was also talk about Sunrail but again, how does that benefit us in East Orange County?

Bike and pedestrian safety was also a topic in many public comments.

What is the plan for those of us who live in East Orange County seeing our commissioner doesn’t seem to have any desire to work on the traffic issues and in fact is working against any improvements as her focus is protection of the way of life of those living in the rural area.  Any traffic improvements might increase traffic on the rural roads which is not what the residents of the rural area want.  So where does that leave the thousands of commuters who have to brave Hwy 50 every day?

The next few months will be very interesting as this unfolds.  Right now according to the NextDoor poll I conducted, 73% are against this tax.  What will cause them to change their minds?

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