District 5 Commissioner challenger – Anjali Vaya

So far there are three challengers for the District 5 Commissioner.

The first one highlighted here is Anjali Vaya who filed on Aug. 7.

Ms. Vaya lives in Winder Park and is the owner of Tess Mobile Solutions.

She worked on both Jerry Demings and John Mina’s campaigns and has been active in political business issues.

She is also active in the Indian American Chamber of Commerce.

This is interesting, she is an immigrant from Zambia and lived in Kitwe.  I lived in Lusaka, Zambia for 13 years so am familiar with that area.

More information such as where she stands on issues important to us will be passed on when it becomes available.

Next to highlight is Sonja M. Speadling who filed on Sept 17th and then Winter Park Mayor Steve Leary who filed Sept 16th.

We need a commissioner who will fight for all constituents, not just select groups or certain areas of the district.



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