District 5 Commissioner challenger – Sanja M. Spradling

Who is Sonja M. Spradling? and why is she running for District 5 Orange County Commissioner? On the Orange County Candidate website she filed on 9/17/2010 and has a P.O. Box listed so almost no information.

An internet search shows a Sonja M. Spradling living out in Wedgefield in the rural area but this may not be the same person.

If it is that would be interesting a Bonilla owes her commission win to the people in the rural area.

If you know who Sonja M. Spradling is and why she is running for District 5 Orange County Commissioner, let us know.

Wedgefield has been in the news in the past primarily because of the water situation with the company who supplies water, Pluris. They were also in the news when a school was built out there.

Bonilla won her race because of the turnout from the people in the rural area. This might split the votes. We will find out more as this moves along.

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Posted in McCulloch Road.