Petition for reduced speed on McCulloch Road – submitted

Sent in the request to reduce the speed limit on McCulloch. Here’s my email that was sent to both Orange and Seminole County elected officials and staff. The mayor’s office already responded and sent it on to the right people. The link to the request is attached.


This request is being sent to several elected officials in both Orange and Seminole Counties as well as staff as the request document also highlights other deficiencies on McCulloch Road that need to be addressed.

We, the tax-paying citizens of both Orange and Seminole Counties, who live close by McCulloch Road and use McCulloch Road every day, and on behalf of the wildlife who also traverse McCulloch Road, request the following:

1. The speed limit on the 2-lane section of McCulloch Road be reduced from 45 mph to 35 mph as shown on the map below.
2. We also ask that radar speed signs be installed to deter speeding.

Please review the attached PDF named, Request-to-Reduce-Speed-Limit-on-McCulloch-From-45-mph-to-35-mph.pdf, for detailed information as to why this is necessary. The document also highlights many other issues with McCulloch Road that would be best addressed in a separate study. These issues are why many are copied on this request.

Attached is a petition, PETITION_-Reduce-speed-on-McCulloch-Road-and-install-radar-speed-signs_2019-10-09.xlsx, with 62 citizens that is backed up by a NextDoor poll with over an incredible 460 votes of which 70% want the speed limit reduced.

I hope this request will be seriously considered and acted on as well as plans put in place to address the other issues. Please let me know if any other information is needed to complete this request.

Have a great day,

RJ Mueller

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