Econ Wilderness Area update – DRC meeeting

There was supposed to be a Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting on April 1st but it was cancelled. The DRC is a scheduled meeting between Seminole County staff and the developer to review the application and make staff comments. Residents are allowed to attend but not speak.

Because the meeting was cancelled. Staff made comments and posted them at the link below. The public is encouraged read the comments and contact Mary Moskowitz (407) 665-7375,

Here’s the summary from the DRC documents.

Land value comparison

Hi-Oaks has six separate properties totaling $4,336,200.
The Econ Wilderness Area has four separate properties totaling $3,649,480

According to this application the Hi-Oaks property is worth more but I am hearing otherwise. People say the Econ Wilderness Area is worth far more because of the availability of utilities. There is no doubt it would be much easier to develop.

One document called “Comment Document – Initial Submittal” is a checklist that looks like this.

My message is simple. We want no part of this application and end this application process and protect the Econ Wilderness Area.

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