Seminole County BCC meeting: Commissioner Constantine requests meeting on the Econ River Wilderness Area land swap

Here’s the excerpt from the Seminole County BCC meeting where Commissioner Constantine brought up the shade meeting on the Econ River Wilderness Area land swap.

Here’s my take.

This is the meeting that will force the commissioners to show their hand. As I see it, all of the commissioners have had ample time to look at what the developer is proposing and consider the project. I think if any commissioner votes to move forward, it is a tell-tale sign they want this project to go through.

This is the meeting where the rubber meets the road and in my opinion will decide if the ERWA stays or goes.

It is unfathomable to think that with over 6,000 petitions including countless phone calls and emails, the commissioners would go against the will of the people and continue this debacle. Commissioner Edwards in Orange County did that and lost the next election.

I commend Commissioner Constatine for bringing up the swap and talking about all the petitions and emails and I commend him for asking for a discussion on the swap. I commend Commissioner Zembower for asking the attorney to move to a shade meeting asap and getting it on the agenda.

When you hear the discussion, I think Commissioner Carey and Commissioner Lockhart have already shown their hand and want the process to move forward. That, to me, because they have seen the project and studied it, says they are in favor of this swap. Lockhart said she is a process person and wants to see this play out in public. Every person and organizations are in opposition and don’t want this to play out in public, we want it stopped? Doesn’t the will of the people count?

Regarding Lockhart and Carey, in a previous hearing the same day, 23 resident in a community called Bear Lake called in opposition to a commercial property. Both Lockhart and Carey went against the will of the people and voted in favor.

Commissioner Dallari didn’t say a word during the exchange.

There is no way to read the outcome of this shade meeting but depending on the outcome, the future will be crystal clear.

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