A new threat: SB 410 – Urgent

SB-410 is a direct threat to the rural boundary in Seminole County.

It’s a great feeling knowing that the Econ River Wilderness Area (ERWA) is safe. When we get into these fights, many times it seems we are beating our heads against the wall with no reward and it is a great day when we win. Personally, the greatest joy comes when I see families with young children walking the trails and enjoying nature. The ERWA is the only place we have on the west side of the river and it is a great feeling knowing it will be there for future generations and we had a part in that.

But our celebration is short lived as SB-410 threatens the entire rural area in Seminole County.  Those unfamiliar with SB-410, you can read about it in the link below but here is the short version.

From 1000 Friends of Florida website:  “SB 410 was intended to override county oversight for a few specific development projects but will unintentionally impact planning to protect rural lands in dozens of counties across Florida.”

This puts the Seminole County rural boundary at great risk.  Here is what can happen.  If SB410 is signed by the governor, the developer who wanted the ERWA swap can ask Oviedo to annex the High Oaks land on the east side of the Econ in the rural area.  If it is annexed, Seminole County cannot stop Oviedo from re-zoning the land and we could easily see a small city over there with 5,000 homes.  But that isn’t even the worst of it.  Once that land is part of Oviedo the next contiguous property can be annexed and re-zoned and on and on it goes gobbling up the rural area.

This is a terrible bill and one that should never have passed.  A paragraph was inserted at the 11th hour and flew under the radar.   We must all ask Governor DeSantis to veto this bill. 

1000 Friends of Florida has a petition.  Sign the petition asking Governor DeSantis to veto this horrible bill.

If you want to read more about this and email or call Governor DeSantis’ office, here is the link https://1000fof.org/legis/veto-sb-410/

Please sign, email and/or call as this is very time sensitive.

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