Anjali Vaya is running for District 5 Commissioner

This year is election year for District 5 Commissioner in Orange County currently held by Emily Bonilla. One candidate running for the office is Anjali Vaya who deserves a hard look as she is a serious candidate.

But is she a good candidate for those of us who live on the east side?  We want a commissioner who will work for us, not just one part of the district or one group.

So I asked her what she thought of the Econ River Wilderness Area land swap as protection of the rural area is important to many of us.  This is what she had to say,”

In 2004 Seminole voters approved a ballot referendum that established the county’s rural boundary area mostly east of the Econ, Oviedo and Lake Jesup. The commission is therefore obligated to the people and shouldn’t hand any of their responsibility to the courts. * As a commissioner it shouldn’t be hard to make the right decisions when voters have made their will clear. When given the opportunity specific areas of both Seminole and Orange County have overwhelming support of the people to protect their rural boundary.

It’s therefore the commissions obligation to defend their decision to protect the boundary. This land swap to settle a lawsuit is just a way for the commission to capitulate their responsibility to the courts. When the government makes a promise to the people to protect something, they should protect it with all their authority.”

While the land swap was in Seminole County, much of this holds true for people who live in Orange County.  We want a commissioner that takes the whole district seriously and will work for all of us no matter where we live.

Help Anjali Vaya get on the ballot by electronically signing her petition. It only takes a minute to complete.

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