Pressure to Build, Build, Build

My family and I moved to Florida in 1993 and built our home in University Estates right next to UCF. Nothing was out here; we were in the “sticks” as we used to say in Wisconsin. But over the years more and more people moved in and pushed up against the rural boundary both in Orange and now in Seminole County. And developers want to jump the boundary and build in the rural area because land is cheaper there than in the urban area.

This trend will only get worse and it is not just our counties, it is happening everywhere. In the Sentinel today, Lee Constantine talks about Florida in general and what legislators are doing to destroy the environment and Jane Healy again brings up Chris Dorworth and his latest attempt to break the rural boundary.

Folks, I hate to say it but as more and more people move into Central Florida, pressure will continue to increase to build, build, build. We can fight battle after battle but when one battle is lost, the developer permanently wins. It doesn’t work the other way because developers can come back again and again. But once concrete goes down, there is no taking it out.

There are movements to put permanent protections in place. That must be the focus going forward because we can’t win every battle. Another focus must be putting people in office who understand the environmental consequences of all this development and what it means to Florida long into the future.

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Posted in McCulloch Road.